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Voice of Eye and Life Garden: The Hungry Void - Volume One: Fire

Immediately upon the entrance of the music you feel as if your mind, body and soul are immersed within a neverending dreamscape, the virtual world of the hungry void which nips at you from all sides. This wonderfully produced journey through the void exists on the material plane as nine interwoven tracks revolving around a central theme. Only the composite work requires a name as each separate track only exists to hilight the end product. If you enjoy emotive sensorial sound constructions I suggest you acquire this album post haste. It is one of the best of the year and ranks number one on my list of albums to evoke strange dreams when you fall asleep to it.

Recorded live in performance and in the studio May-July 1994

Composed, performed and recorded by:
Bonnie McNairn
David Oliphant
Peter Ragan
Su Ling
Jim Wilson
Bil Yanok

Life Garden
Agni Music
P.O. Box 1928
Phoenix, AZ 85001-1928

Voice of Eye
Cyclotron Industries
P.O. Box 66291
Houston, TX 77266


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