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Voice of Eye: Vespers

  1. Waking
  2. Breathing
  3. Blooming
  4. Waning
  5. Melting
  6. Drifting
  7. Dreaming

Beautifully haunting, natural ambient music. The entire album is continuous with the tracking only serving as reference points to the different movements within the entire piece. This album is an amazing piece of work when you consider that no synthesizers of any kind were used to create this sound which seems falls somewhere between Lustmord and Aphex Twin, but with a vitality all of it's own. The sound produced evokes a feeling somewhat like the inner peace of mediation deep within a virgin forest. One of those albums that everyone, even your parents will love. A very excellent piece of music to fall asleep to, invoking a deep sleep, and fresh awakenings.

Voice of Eye is:
Bonnie McNairn - voice, flute, shanai, samples, bass thing 2, slide whistle, percussion, tape machine
Jim Wilson - jeemna, guitar, bass, bassthing 1, silar

Cyclotron Industries
PO Box 66201
Houston, TX 77266


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