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  1. Take It 3:58
  2. Intimidating God 5:49
  3. With My Hands Tied 4:56
  4. P.T.S.D (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) 3:57
  5. X-ified 3:30
  6. Walk 3:02
  7. DS 0:04
  8. Blind 4:22
  9. Twisted 6:10
  10. Value 4:27
  11. ???? 1:19

Virus 23 brings drags you screaming into their bizarre realm of hurricaned musical styles, from hardcore EBM, guitar industrial, to experimental noise sculptures, V23 has it all. Take It utilizes parts of FLA's Mindphaser to inspire a rhythmic nightmare of dance frenzy, Intimidating God drives the guitar into your soul juxtaposed with a brutal underlying percussion and keyboards, and P.T.S.D. mystifies the mind with warped vocals, tintillating aural disturbances of the inner ear, and much more.

V23 also knows how to have fun, like tracks 11-22, all containing four seconds of silence driving up to none other than the magikal 23, the moniker of the band, and assaulting you with an aggro speed metal/dance track. Krayge Taylor in his spare time plays with Chemlab when they are on tour, so this band has no lack of talent or direction. So if you enjoy any variation of EBM/hardcore/dance/metal industrial whatever, you'll want to own this CD.

Virus-23 is:
Leo - Vox
Krayge Tyler - Guitar
X-Tian Hand - Synths & Percussion

c/0 Vikki Koran
50 E. 42nd St, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10017
(914) 948-3048

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