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Viridian Sun: Solar Noise

  1. Solan Solar n Sol 18:35
  2. Voxuua Soexis 7:59
  3. Serere 11:58
  4. Nervous Eclipse 20:31
  5. Radiat 12:16

Following in the footsteps of such drone masterminds as Brian Lustmord or Steve Roach, Viridian Sun try a new twist on the now classical ambient genre. Instead of utilizing found sounds as the aforementioned artists frequently do, Viridian Sun has instead chosen to manufacture all of their own sounds themselves. The most amazing thing is that the liner notes state that a guitar was used to create some of the elements although you would have never known. The subtle textures that flow and undulate through these compositions appear to be entirely composed of digital and analogue synthesizers and not the heretical guitar. Regardless the permeating sub-bass and smooth waveforms that appear throughout this album are nothing short of stunning. This Portland duo has succeeded in coaxing an inordinate degree of vibrance from their instruments and appear to have poured their souls into their compositions. I will definitely look forward to being exposed to more material by Viridian Sun as soon as it becomes available.

Viridian Sun is:
Mike Griffin - electronics
David Tollefson - guitars

Hypnos Recordings
P.O. Box 6868
Portland, OR 97228


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