Album Cover

Violent Arcana: Sonic Aquarium

  1. Blue_Void
  2. Sensory
  3. Kainic
  4. World_Inside (Reality Mix)
  5. Electrorhythm
  6. Electrorhythm_10
  7. Citrus
  8. Imagination
  9. Serenity
  10. Solace

After almost three years of silence, Violet Arcana return with a collection of greatest hits and the departure of Jeremy Wells from the band. Jeremy may return at some point in the future but at this stage in the career of this project, he is busy doing other things. However, due to the nature of this album, he has at least played a marginal role in the creation of music on this release. "Sonic Aquarium" compiles tracks originally found on the "Serenity" EP, previously available only in Europe on Zoth Ommog, a few older 68000 tracks, and some brand new as well as some older Violet Arcana tracks. As a result the cohesiveness of the album is a bit sparse in places as the album spans almost a decades worth of material. Overall the music remains devoid of vocals with the sole exception of the tracks from the "Serenity" EP. The remainder of the album consists of technofied dance pieces that are very different from previous Violet Arcana material. However they still contain many of the stereotypical cadence and rhythm structures of previously released material and are easily identifiable as Violet Arcana compositions. "Sonic Aquarium" is the first of several releases due out this year, so stay tuned for a literal windfall of new music from Violet Arcana thoughout 1997.

Violet Arcana is: David Duddleston

P.O. Box 19142
Portland, OR 97280


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