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Violet Arcana: In the Scene of the Mind

  1. Within 0:43
  2. In The Scene Of The Mind 6:20
  3. Looking For Salvation 5:21
  4. Consciousness (In The Well) 5:30
  5. The World Inside 6:22
  6. Life Has No Color 5:28
  7. A Cause Of This 5:00
  8. Broken Apart 5:22
  9. Inward Sight 7:10
  10. Two Lives 7:59
  11. Facade 12:35

Ambient trance dub. The music that you could sway your body too all night long, or just slowly drift off to sleep invoking erotic dreams. I was most impressed by the way the band could keep each track alive and vibrant. My previous experiences with trance is that it all tends to mull together, and Violet Arcana is the total opposite, striving to keep the listener totally sucked into their own personal wonderland. The power and the cohesiveness reminded me of ClockDVA's "Buried Dreams" in the way all the programming flowed together perfectly, yet was very much alive. Violet Arcana has a far different message than the Adi Newton and ClockDVA, but the musical comparisons were astounding. For such a cohesive work to be put together as a first group effort (both members have been around in the music industry for years) is remarkable.

Violet Arcana is: Jeremy Wells & David Duddleston

P.O. Box 19142
Portland, OR 97280


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