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Violence & Hate: (self-titled)

  1. I Need God 4:32
  2. Given 4:08
  3. Society 5:04
  4. Evil 6:44
  5. Why 4:47
  6. Tin Man 4:36
  7. Down 5:14
  8. Drug User 4:25
  9. I Need God (God's Remix) 5:08

Maybe it is something in the drinking water but something seems to be lacking on this album and I can't quite exactly place it. The mix between guitar and the electronics is well within the guitar industrial genre, the lyrics hook the listener in, but something seems to be lacking. Perhaps it is the fact that Violence & Hate has hidden itself amongst the rest of the guitar industrial bands and by not have a distinctive unique style they sound rote and repetitive. The sheer number of crossover bands that have hit the music market within the past year has been phenomenal and as they all try and jockeying for listenership and a distinct sound more often than not many of them fall flat on their back in defeat. I think that this band might be able to avoid that circumstance if they can find some definite stylistic sound to grasp onto and not let go. However, this album definite does not have anything that remotely that resembles that uniqueness. Maybe given more time this might occur but until then we can only wait, watch and listen.

Violence & Hate are:
Danny Tallerico - Vocals, Guitar, Programming & Keys
Jason Rinn - Bass, Guitar
Dausin Ramirez - Guitar
Chris Bower - Drums

Violence & Hate
3020 N. St. Mary's
San Antonio, TX 78212


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