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Vidna Obmana: Crossing The Trail

  1. Encountering Terrain 8:13
  2. Trail Dwelling 10:55
  3. Forst Arrow 8:59
  4. Mission Ground 10:19
  5. The Esoteric Source 7:51
  6. The Giant Traveller 8:21
  7. This Splendid Place 14:17

"Crossing the Trail" is the first truly knew Vidna Obmana solo effort in recent memory. Vidna spent the better part of the last few years working on collaborative efforts with Steve Roahc and others as well as compiling collections of older material. In essence, this is the first time, I've really heard modern Vidna Obmana, and the result is breathtaking. "Crossing The Trail" is very much a back to nature basics album. Animal calling, water babbling, and wind blowing, are all elements that play a major role in the composition of this album. While much of the music is keyboard string sections and natural ethnic instrumentation, it is the truly elemental nature of the filler material that makes this album come alive. What impresses me so much is that this album avoids the pitfalls of sounding like a bad New Age release. Instead, "Crossing The Trail" focuses on a singular context and is executed perfectly.

Projekt Records
P.O. Box 166155
Chicago, IL 60616


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