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Vidna Obmana: Twilight of Perception

  1. The Embrace in Motion 5:48
  2. Traditional Spirit (Gudum Seni) 4:59
  3. Sanctuary of Reply 16:14
  4. Over Blue Mountains 6:11
  5. Primary (Gamelan 3) 7:11
  6. Twilight Came 8:30
  7. Charm Mystique 5:15
  8. Torch of Remembrance 4:51
  9. Shamanistic Return 6:53
  10. By Abundant Rain 6:25

This new collection of Vidna Obmana tracks is really not a true album per say. Instead it is a compilation of tracks that move across a myriad of styles and moods without a solid cohesive center. None of the tracks have ever appeared elsewhere, so it is not a 'greatest hits' album, but rather a collection of older material that simply hasn't ever seen the light until now. As such, each track is distinctly different in mood, composition, and concept. The pieces range from moderately heavy percussive pieces punctuated by washes of ambience, mantras chanted in some unknown tongue accentuated by midieval stringed instruments, to even subtle arrangements of nature samples and resonating, traditional string sections. Therefore, "Twilight of Perception" serves as an excellent first glimpse into the compositional diversity that is Vidna Obmana. If you haven't had the pleasure of experiencing this artist, who gives a whole new meaning to darkwave folk music, then you are surely missing some of the most beautifully structured music of this genre.

Projekt Records
P.O. Box 166155
Chicago, IL 60616


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