Vergiftung: Misc Ditties

Side 1

  1. Sheep
  2. Gudang
  3. The Sandwich Maker
  4. The Gravity Of Sound
  5. Perpetually Thursday
  6. Orbit
  7. Audrey Hepburn
  8. Among The Ruins
  9. Whale
  10. Last Perfect Day
  11. Shindig (Live)

Side 2

  1. Filth
  2. Nighty
  3. Duck
  4. In Box
  5. Polka Dots
  6. Why
  7. Chux Of Love
  8. St. Martin Of The Converted M....
  9. I'll Take Vermont
  10. Girlfriend
  11. Lost In Her Head
  12. Trumpette (Live)
  13. Flibberty Jib (Live)
  14. Arvo Party

A very diverse variety of musical styles appear on this tape. Jazz, pop, euro-pop, ambient, noise, dance all show up somewhere on various tracks throughout this tape compiling most of Vergiftung's work for the past couple of years. The music tends to clump around slower traditional pop love songs, but the occasional oddity shows up. "Audrey Hepburn" is a cute little political piece with a mildly catchy dance rhythm while "Whale" is a very moving environmental ambient piece. David Whittmore obviously has a great deal of musical talent in a wide variety of areas and any one of the myriad of musical styles hilighted here he could do very well with.

David Whittemore
2348 S. 700 W
New Palestine, IN 46163


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