Album Cover

Venus Walk: Side Effect

  1. Isolation
  2. Ritual
  3. Strange Heaven
  4. Volition
  5. Aftershock
  6. There Was....
  7. Spiral
  8. Red, Black and Blue
  9. Slipping
  10. Black Hour

Lying somewhere between the neoclassical gothic movement and modern electronic music is Venus Walk. The music while inherently modern utilizes a great deal of artificial classical instrumentation which includes bells, tympany, and piano to name but a few. The mood of the album is divided evenly down the middle with half of the tracks being upbeat and cheery, while the remainder are downtrodden and morose. Andrea has the ability to inflect her voice at just the right levels to parallel the mood of each song and accentuate the final tonal qualities. The few tracks that David sings on remind me a little of the duets used by Dead Can Dance, albeit with less of a falsetto feel to them. This album should cater both to gothic and industrial genres rather well despite it lacking any solid dance floor tracks. This fact alone should make the band immensely successful in the music underground by the sheer size of its fanbase.

Venus Walk are:
Andrea DiNapoli - keyboards, guitar, bass, drum programming, vocals, lyrics
David Winn - keyboards, drum programming, additional vocals, lyrics

Bent Productions
P.O. Box 282073
San Francisco, CA 94128


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