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Venus Mind Trap: Demo

  1. Passport to Dark Amour - Requiem
  2. Pulp Sister
  3. I Am a Camera
  4. 28th March
  5. Lifeforce
  6. Indian Good Luck Symbol
  7. Vendetta
  8. Decaying Orbit Part 1+2 - Redemption

Venus Mind Trap is a very eclectic and old school Gothic act hailing from Germany who shares a great deal in common with acts like Attrition and Thanatos. The music is very moody, yet it often changes styles drastically from track to track with no solid musical cohesion whatsoever. Ultimately this makes the album sound rather disjointed and unfocused at times due to the rather jarring musical genre changes between tracks. Venus Mind Trap could certainly benefit from a singular musical direction that "Dark Amour" certainly doesn't utilize. In the end it is this haphazard arrangement of Classical, acoustic, Gothic, and Dark Metal elements that ultimately self-destructs the album into a proverbial dichotomy of musical styles.

Venus Mind Trap
Postfach 190162
50498 Koln


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