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Velvet Acid Christ: Church of Acid

  1. Hell One 4:28
  2. Let's Kill All These Motherfuckers 5:07
  3. Hell Two 3:56
  4. Hullucinagene 4:46
  5. We Have To See, We Have To Know 6:01
  6. Repulsive 6:19
  7. Sex Disease 6:34
  8. Vaginismus 4:25
  9. Mental Depression 4:34
  10. Dead Flesh 3:57
  11. Pain 6:39
  12. Fade Away 5:12

Velvet Acid Christ can seem to do no wrong these days. Even with the extremely poor choice of marketing techniques the band itself used on the Internet can't seem to swell the tidal wave of praise for this band. Thanks to Pendragon Records, we now have a domestic version of "Church of Acid" which is a best of compilation culled from the three self-released albums by Offbeat Records in preparation for their newest release, "Call of the Dead" out now in Europe. Musically the album is all over the best, which is to be expected since this is essentially a greatest hits release. This means you get sample heavy waves of textured ambience from tracks like 'Hell One' sandwiched right next to elaborately sequenced and vehemently radio unfriendly tracks like 'Lets Kill All These Motherfuckers'. Tracks like 'Mental Depression' also exhibit why so many people consider this project to be the next Front Line Assembly since the track is identical the the usual Leeb/Fulber compositional design. Overall, "Church of Acid" contains just enough impressive qualities to make one eager to hear what is coming next so hopefully the new album lives up to all of the media hype!

Velvet Acid Christ is: Bryan Erickson

Pendragon Records
P.O. Box 388
Yardley, PA 19067


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