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Vampire Rodents: Gravity's Rim

  1. Chain (vocals by Athan Maroulis of Spahn Ranch)
  2. Prophet Clown
  3. Beta (vocals by Jared Hendrickson of Chem Lab)
  4. Underneath
  5. Rain Wheel (vocals by Maria Azevedo of Battery)
  6. Gravity's Rim
  7. Calibrations (vocals by Athan M.)
  8. Ice Borers
  9. Code (vocals by Jared H.)
  10. Parameter Seven
  11. The Happy Box (vocals by Maria A.)
  12. Obsidian
  13. Patterns (vocals by Athan M.)
  14. Sandtrap
  15. Porker
  16. Core (vocals by Athan M.) - also appears on Thugs'n'Kisses compilation
  17. Creeper
  18. Schlangenauge
  19. Albatross
  20. Fossilized
  21. A Perfect Lawn
  22. Goatweed (vocals by Mark Edwards of Fleshhouse)
  23. H.M.P.
  24. Evasion (vocals by Dave Credeau and Boom Christophe Paige of Society Burning)

Daniel Vahnke returns with an amazing third release in less than a year. As you may know Daniel uses a sample based construction technique of rigorously recording and inputing every single musical element that he composes. However as I went back through his last few releases I began to discover an potentially disastrous pattern. It seems that an inordinately large amount of his material has a tendency to reappear in a variety of places. Albeit, with most musicians this might have not been as easy to distinguish, but because Daniel uses such a unique method of sampling these sound are easier to pick out. Upon closer inspection, it sounds to me as if Daniel is guilty of reusing his own samples in multiple tracks across multiple projects and albums. In general this isn't necessarily a bad thing as it does illuminate Daniels extensibility as a composer, but it also denotes a possibility that he might using his own music techniques as a crutch. The true test will come at the completion of his next side project with Eric Powell of 16 Volt, so until then, we will have to be content that Daniel probably has a better idea of his motivations than we do.

Vampire Rodents are:
Daniel Vahnke - Composition/Sampling Vocals
Victor Wulf - Piano/Synthesizers/Organ
Anton Rathausen - Guitar/Bass/Backing Vocals
Andrea Akastia - Cello
Mordachai Benghiat - Guitar
Chase - Percussion Loops
Conseula Buenviento - Flute/Oboe/Clarinet
Anna Luisa Escalante - Sax/Trumpet

Fifth Column Records
PO Box 787
Washington DC, 20044


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