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Vampire Rodents: Clockseed

  1. Dowager's Egg (featuring Christian of Killing Floor)
  2. Skin Walker (featuring Sarah Folkman of GEKO)
  3. Low Orbit (featuring Jared of Chemlab)
  4. Downwind
  5. Mother Tongue (featuring Eric Powell of 16 Volt)
  6. Heliopause (featuring Dee Madden of Penal Colony)
  7. Floater
  8. Scatter (featuring Mark Edwards of Fleshhouse)
  9. Zygote (featuring Dan Gatto of Babyland)
  10. Revisioned (featuring Sean S. and Jason B. of SMP)
  11. Unmoved (featuring Rey Osburn of Tinfed)
  12. Cocked, Loaded & Ready (featuring Mel Hammond of Colla Destra)
  13. Another Planet
  14. Saturation (featuring Seibold of Hate Dept.)
  15. Clockseed (featuring Dave C. & Boom of Society Burning)
  16. Terra Amata (featuring Linda LeSabre of Beatmistress)
  17. Tattoo Me
  18. Ravages of Ease (featuring Maria Azevedo of Battery)
  19. Teapot (featuring Su Oh of Snark)
  20. Iron Clad (featuring Blake of Apparatus)
  21. Tenochititlan II
  22. Little Canoe

A proverbial menagerie of guest vocalists alone make this album worth acquiring by diehard fans. The utilization of both modern instrumentation alongside classical accompaniment creates a unique sound quite unlike anything else I've had the pleasure of listening too. To the untrained musical ear such as myself you might accuse them of actually composing music as opposed to letting the machinations of man do all of the work and I might actually be correct, but being musically inept I can't be quite sure. However, even with this plethora of talent and the multitude of tracks present on the album a few songs do end up songing remarkably similar. In a few places there almost identical percussion for the track lead in and the vocalist sounds horrendously flat and monotonous. However even these few flaws do not detract from the overall performance of the album.

Vampire Rodents are:
Victor W. - piano, synthesizer
Anton R. - vocals, guitars
Daniel Vahnke - composition, sampling
Jing Laoshu - percussion
Andrea Akastia - cello, violin
Mordachai Benghiat - guitar
Consuelo Buenviento - flute, oboe
Chase - percussion loops, casting
Lucia De La Torre - clarinet, flute, bassoon

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