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Urbanatribu: Urbanatribu

  1. Shangra-La
  2. Cosa Rara
  3. Johnny Constantine
  4. Mysterious Travellers on Machu Pichu
  5. Konga Cola
  6. Dolce Gioia
  7. The Bay of Sirens
  8. Skullface in Watican
  9. Maori Dance
  10. Boglins
  11. Dolce Gioia (Liquid Sky Mix)
  12. Mysterious Travvlers on Machue Pichu (Mora Tau Mix)
  13. Johnny Constantine (Last Silk Cut Mix)
  14. Finalino

Massimiliano Bocchio takes time off from his busy schedule with Klange to help Flavio Gemma with a new project entitled Urbanatribu. As the name suggests Urbanatribu examines more of the cultural aspect of electronic music and is of a very organic composition rather than the sterile environments of the vacuum of space that Bocchio usually enlightens his audience with. Urbanatribu explores the musical perimeter of nature and tribal ritual via electronic music much in the way the Jungle genre seems to be headed except with a much more reserved and ambient manifestation on a theme. The role of magic in the function of nature is even tacitly explored with a reference to John Constantine a character from DC Comics "Hellblazer". One of John Constantine's roles in his paradigm is of the guardian of the world's most up and coming magician. A magician whose role in the eventual evolution of magic is of utmost importance. I can see a distinct parallel between the comic and the music as almost a soundtrack to Constantine's life and definitely as a tribute to the character which is something I haven't ever heard being done with this musical genre before and receives a nod of appreciation for interweaving two of my favorite mediums.

Urbanatribu are:
Massimiliano Bocchio - synth, sampling, programming, drums, effects
Flavio Gemma - basses, guitars, speech, distorsions

Minus Habens Records
via Giustino Fortunato 8/N
70125 Bari


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