Urania: Initiation

  1. Dirt 5:08
  2. First Swirling 2:56
  3. Initiation 2:53
  4. Varacode 4:21
  5. Fractured Spirit 3:28
  6. Everhere 1:16
  7. Katabasis 7:18
  8. Secret 3:33
  9. Zero Becomes One 3:53
  10. Cohesion 5:43
  11. After The Rain 4:14
  12. Yggdrasill 3:50
  13. Reactor 5:07

Urania's full length "Initiation" appears on a new label, Brain Surgery Music, and with a definitive change of musical direction. "Metamorphosis" would be a more suitable title for this release as the Urania portrayed here blossoms considerably since their debut EP. Every aspect, mood, and style of the music has changed. Gone are the light, wafting electronics from the "Aquarius" EP. In their place are feedback driven percussion, Drum'n'Bass rhythms, and Club style Electro. Even 'Initiation' and 'Zero Becomes One' appear in more aggressive formats. Urania emerges from their Disco-era cocoon into an Electro Monarch Butterfly and they want to stretch their wings on the dance floor.

Urania is: George Hagegeorge & Melissa Sharlat

Brain Surgery Music
71 W 23rd St, Suite 903
New York, NY 10010

E-mail: info@brainsurgerymusic.com

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