Urania: Aquarius

  1. Initiation (Sacrifice) 6:50
  2. Aquarius (Androgynous Reflection) 7:58
  3. Zero Becomes One 3:57
  4. Charioteer 3:21
  5. Initiation 2:54
  6. Aquarius (Radio Mix) 3:14

Urania is the newly formed project that arose from the ashes of Under The Noise. This EP while primarily written and composed by George Hagegeorge, also contains vocal contributions by Melissa Shalot who has aided on previous Under The Noise and Clay People releases. Musically Urania is a much more upbeat version of UTN that continues along the musical direction of it's predecessor. This four song EP contains three original songs, one remix, as well as a cover version and remix of a classic musical theme from Hair, 'Aquarius'. The only disappointment on this record is that it is far too short. True it is only meant to serve as a segueway between the old project and the forthcoming full length album, but it barely wets my appetite. Alas we must patiently await the debut album by this very talented duo, which in my opinion can't come soon enough.

Urania is: George Hagegeorge & Melissa Sharlat

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