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Various Artists: Untitled (ten)

Disc 1:

  1. Pablo's Eye - The Switchback 10:45
  2. Fetish Park - Last Strip - 6:19
  3. Muslimgauze - Exit Afghanistan 9:16
  4. Ed Pias - Morocco 5:13
  5. Soma - Somnambulist's Hand 7:42
  6. Social Interiors - Lucas Heights 6:42
  7. Skuli Sverisson - Filma-mix 4:34
  8. Otomo Yoshihide - v.g. 7:06
  9. Merzbow - Decomposition 002.1.1 6:45
  10. Groovy - Binary 10:08

Disc 2:

  1. Social Interiors - The Face of a Flag Fell 4:10
  2. Social Interiors - Striking Bodies (Granular Mix) 5:21
  3. Social Interiors - Potrat 4:43
  4. Social Interiors - The Morning After the Sampling Virus #1 3:48
  5. Social Interiors - Calls Triggering 6:42
  6. Social Interiors - Sub Chroma 5:30
  7. Social Interiors - Leaning Over Level Ground 8:54
  8. Social Interiors - El Maggio, the Edit Freak 4:29
  9. Social Interiors - The Morning After the Sampling Virus #2 2:38
  10. Social Interiors - A Decade Between Ideas 15:05

The new double compilation with the less than imaginative moniker of "Untitled (ten)" is a rather extensive look into the first ten years of music on Extreme Records. The compilation itself is broken into two sections with the first disc consisting of new or exclusive tracks by Extreme artists and the second disc being composed of a cut-up of sounds taken from Extreme releases and reassembled by the members of Social Interiors. As a result, while the first half of "Untitled (ten)" shares the moods found on other Extreme compilations like "X-X Section" or "Assemblage", the second half to the release is something new altogether. Of course the first disc serves it's role as an excellent label sampler from such well known artists as Muslimgauze, Merzbow and Soma, but the second disc is where are the interesting music is found. Assembled from a number of titled but not attributed Extreme tracks and processed into a totally different experience is something I've not heard before. Of course, I would probably be as astounded by the complexity of tones and range of musical styles on the second disc if I knew who the owners of the original music really were, but I think it might ruin the whole experience if that little secret ever saw the light of day.

Extreme Records
P.O. Box 147
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Victoria, Australia


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