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Various Artists: Undercurrent - PDX

  1. AREA 88 - No Release From (Raw Aggro Mellow mix)
  2. MindVirus - Chapel Perilous
  3. SpineFolder - The Soul Barrier
  4. Nobody - Eyes Sharp, Teeth Sharper
  5. Attenuated Euphoria - Danger
  6. RkiK - Obsession
  7. Thine Eyes - Devil's Mountain
  8. Nocturne - Collide
  9. Violet Arcana - Solace
  10. Pet of the Future - Night Vision
  11. Runes of Desire - Taste of Reality (Reconstructive Surgery mix)
  12. Triple Point - Lourie Pours Out (Wide-Eyed mix)
  13. Mesmer - Fire Reveals Itself
  14. lxl - False Illumination

This album acquaints us with some underground (i.e. Industrial/Gothic) artists from (mostly) around the Portland metropolitan area, in hopes of showing people around the country that Portland does have a thriving underground Industrial scene (albeit still in its formative stage). Many different styles are represented on this release, ranging from the strong Electro-Industrial of AREA 88 to the Experimental Noise leanings of Triple Point, the Gothic sensibilities of Nocturne and the Coldwave stylings of MindVirus (who really should be signed to a label). Thine Eyes and Violet Arcana (probably Portland's most widely recognized electronic groups - now that 16 Volt has taken off for Los Angeles) make appearances as well with their well-crafted, beautiful, Ambient stylings; in fact there is something on this album for everyone who is into electronic music or the "darker" side of the music spectrum. None of these songs on this CD could be considered filler, even though some of the bands are making their first-time appearances on recorded format; each song brings its own unique atmosphere to the entire album and each song is enjoyable in its own right. And with small improvements in lyrical content with a few bands, many of these artists should be able to capture the attention of a wide audience. When all is said and done, this release should go a long way in providing a satisfying glimpse at the growing Industrial/Gothic scene starting to flourish in the Portland area. (Kevin Congdon)

Doppler Effect Records
c/o Chris Christian
P.O. Box 6417
Beaverton, OR 97007-0417


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