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Under The Noise: Regeneration

  1. Circle of the Eclipse (Zip Mix)
  2. Sun (Floe Shot Remix)
  3. Mountain (Siebold Mix)
  4. Lie: A Failure To Communicate
  5. Sun (Fever Dream Mix)
  6. Lie (Slow Motion Reaction Mix)
  7. Mountain (Mudslider Mix)
  8. 13th Tribe (Funky Soul Mix)
  9. Driving Electric Magic (Nours Mix)
  10. Sun (Energiz Mix)
  11. This World Desire (Ballistic Mix)
  12. Sun (Rainback)

"Regeneration" is a collection of tracks chosen from Under The Noise's debut album and remixed by a wide variety of artists. However, simply calling it a remix EP would not being giving any justice to the work presented on this release. Not only does every single track totally unlike the original but each artist has added enough new material to each track to effectively consider it a new piece of music. The only downside to this album is that there is not a wider selection of tracks from "Of Generation & Corruption" present. With four remixes of 'Sun', and two of 'Mountain' & 'Lie' it seems that the best tracks have yet to be touched. I suppose we can't really be too picky now that we finally have our hands on some UTN material that will finally get the crowds moving at most clubs. Rumor even has it that another UTN album will even be released within the year so you'd better hurry now and pick this up before the Christmas rush.

Under The Noise is:
Ric Nigel - voice, lyrics
George Hagegeorge - music, production

COP International
981 Aileen St
Oakland, CA 94608


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