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Under The Noise: Of Generation and Corruption

  1. This World Desire 4:04
  2. Future Automatic (corruption mix) 5:50
  3. Vision in Long Darkness 7:21
  4. Sun 3:11
  5. The Mountain 4:07
  6. 13th Tribe 4:42
  7. Passing The Sceptre 5:37
  8. Driving Electric Magic 4:40
  9. Through The Inside 3:19
  10. Lie 3:52
  11. Void 5:33
  12. Circle of the Eclipse 7:44

Much like on their debut EP, Under The Noise tumbles across the entire electronic music genre like a weed spreading it's seed to the world. Just about every conceivable style is given it's chance to manifest itself throughout the album. Dance remixes lie directly next to experimental ambient soundscapes, droning bass lines coincide with non sequitor programming styles, in essence, Under The Noise is trying it's best to break down the electronic music barriers without sacrificing it's audience for innovation. The sheer number of musical influences in impossible to determine in as much as perhaps a single one second sample placed at random intervals across the entirety of the album. The diversity of rhythm, style, movement is astounding and therein lies the only problem with the album. Because of their attempt to utilize the extremes of the genre, Under The Noise lacks any solid cohesive sound or underlying concrete foundation for it's music. However, perhaps we are not meant to take them at anything more than face value, only the artist can enlighten us to that fact.

Under The Noise is:
Ric Nigel - voice, lyrics
George Hagegeorge - music, production

COP International
981 Aileen St.
Oakland, CA 94608


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