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Under The Noise: Future Automatic

  1. Mind Machine 5:20
  2. Manna 4:32
  3. Future Automatic [proton mix] 9:30

A terse EP which has defied my feeble attempts to review it several times. Every time I try to pin down the exact wording of my review it all ends up jumbled and not quite how I want it to represent the music. Hard riveting percussion, catchy rhythms and very unique programming create almost a danceable atmosphere but the music lacks any serious bpm action to be able to dance to it. Perhaps if you thought the music played on MTV's grind was dance music you could dance to it because of the similar speed but that's asking a lot from the audience. I'd be very interested if Under The Noise can keep up the same quality of music and uniqueness of sound in a full length album. Maybe if I wait long enough I'll find out.

Under The Noise is: George Hagegeorge & Ric Nigel

COP International
981 Aileen St.
Oakland, CA 94608


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