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Ultraviolence: Psycho Drama

  1. Birth/Jessica
  2. The Reject
  3. Disco Boyfriend
  4. Pimp
  5. Psycho Drama
  6. Birth/Hitman
  7. Stone/Faced
  8. Murder Academy
  9. Hitman's Heart
  10. Contract
  11. Lovers
  12. Suicide Pact
  13. God's Mistake
  14. Searching Hell
  15. Heaven Is Oblivion

A band named after the catchphrase from "A Clockwork Orange" was certain to peak my initial interest. Psycho Drama is a sort of techno opera which tells the story of two star crossed lovers, a abused club junkie and a professional hitman hired to kill her. The album tells each half of the story that leads up to the point of the supposed assassination which ends with hitman kidnapping the femme fatale and they both hit the road hoping for love only to end up committing suicide and wandering hell for the rest of eternity. I normally can't tolerate techno of any kind but quite unlike most dance floor music this album actually had a plot with which you follow along to the music. Hence the music ceased to be the redundant array of looped rhythms and instead breathed lived into an otherwise dull music genre. While the thought of a four hundred plus beat per minute track scared the crap out of me the album ended up coming off like a well tuned engine and satisfied my interest far above the basement level that I was expecting. Perhaps there is still a life for techno after all besides the pulsing music that keeps your body moving all night long at least if Johnny Violent has something to say about it.

Ultraviolence is Johnny Violent

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