Various Artists: Ultimate Drum 'n' Bass

  1. Art of Noise - Something Always Happens (Doc Scott Mix)
  2. System 7 - Big Sky City (Jacob's Optical Stairway Mix)
  3. Children of Dub - Outer Space (Drum & Bass Mix)
  4. Spahn Ranch - The Mark Inside (Hustler's Mix)
  5. Aqualite - Endorphine
  6. THC - Mind Over Matter (Instrumental Mix)
  7. Surface 10 - Element (Foundation Mix)
  8. UVX - Rays Ruby Fruit Jungle
  9. Dr. Impurity - Temple
  10. Space Ship Eyes - Mind The Alien (DJ Pen Mix)
  11. Transmutator - Purification (Floating Mix)
  12. 7th Heaven - Lucid Dreams
  13. C.Q. - Tranquility
  14. Kinder Atom - Run In Our Light (Live Mix)

Cleopatra Records jumps on the electronica bandwagon with this drum'n'bass collection. Most of the tracks are from the label's own roster with the remainder coming from several obscure European dance labels. Overall there is little of any musical value from any of the tracks present here. For the most part they are poorly composed tracks consisting of simplistic loops and rather insipid samples. This is definitely not music for the intelligentsia, but rather a collection of underground DIY electronic artists who compose purely for the club scene. As a result, the music translates poorly to those who listen to music in the privacy of their own home rather than in the sweaty confines of a club. There are those who call drum'n'bass the next big thing, but I am more apt to consider it the disco of the nineties due to it's lack of complexity or marketing potential.

Cleopatra Records
8726 S. Sepulveda Blvd
Suite D-82
Los Angeles, CA 90045

E-mail: cleopatra@tunanet.com

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