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Various Artists:Trance In Time

  1. Ultra Vision - African Dream
  2. Beyond Reality - Beyond Reality
  3. Audio Science - Mentra of Xtremism
  4. PRO-Structure - Slimfast
  5. Kambrium - Kambrium
  6. D.O.H. - 002
  7. Bass Complex - Gyro
  8. Tune Collectors - Moisturizing
  9. Audio Science - Skydiver

How else can you describe music when the title of the compilation sums it up so succinctly. This is definitely Trance music in its purest form, The kind of music you could just dance too all night and pass out on the floor at dawn. Beyond the music there is not much else in fact after a while the music tends to becoming quite annoying. I've just been told that if I don't quit playing the CD right now I'm a dead man. I wonder why...

Cleopatra Records
8726 S. Sepulveda Blvd D-82
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