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Various Artists: Torture Tech Overdrive

  1. Contagion - Fight!
  2. Sweat Engine - Numbing Device
  3. Scar Tissue - CDB
  4. STG - Shallow Grave (D.W.A.E. mix)
  5. A-Politiq - White Noise
  6. Pain Emission - Crock of Shit
  7. Fixed Image - Character Machine
  8. Death Industry - Secret Hate
  9. A Release Project - Manifesto Primitive
  10. Xorcist - So Big (Original Un-edited mix)
  11. Death Method - Countdown to Meltdown '94
  12. Hate Dept - Flesh Feed Souls (Perversion '94)
  13. Yeht Mae - Freedom
  14. Sweat Engine - Technocality
  15. Ex-Voto - Roundhouse
  16. Killing Floor - Glass (Clean mix)
  17. Jimmy Lazz - "Lupe Velez"

This compilation is a limited to 1000 pressing rerelease of the 1991 vinyl version which was released originally on Re-Constriction Records under Chase's "If It Moves..." name. The was apparently so much hype concerning a vinyl only release that Cleopatra went and reissued the it on CD with a few additional tracks and updated versions to pacify the masses. The artwork was all done by John Bergin who has been responsible for various other music related artwork for STG and Idiot Stare as well as an accomplished musician recently signed to Nothing Records with his band Trsut Obey. Many of the artists present on this compilation have only seen the light of day thanks to the work of Chase who has ruthless hunted down industrial talent in the western United States like it was his mission in life. Definitely a compilation to try and find regardless of it's limited edition status.

Cleopatra Records
8726 S. Sepulveda Blvd Ste. D-82
Los Angeles, CA 90045


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