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AP: The Contest

  1. Guineapig - No Shame
  2. Noc Barrage - Steal Wool
  3. Transient - Blown
  4. Shiverhead - Burn
  5. Anarcoma - Mega-Ton
  6. The White Sock Theory - Submission
  7. E.C.M. - Burnout
  8. Foil - Crawling Duck
  9. The City Bleeds - Like Father Like Hell
  10. Pain Station - The End of You
  11. Naked Lunch - My Mind's Voice
  12. 29 Died - Chain
  13. Parking Lot in Drug Form - So Cold

The bands included on this release are the result of a contest sponsored by Alternative Press & Zoth Ommog. While the liner notes gave the impression this contest was specifically for electro/industrial bands, listening to the CD gave you the impression that some alternative/metal bands with an industrial slant were included. This showcases mostly American bands, (one French & one Swiss band are included) most who have a guitar edge to them -- the only tracks which don't include guitar are the tracks by Parking Lot in Drug Form & Shiverhead. The Foil track incorporates guitar, but in a similar vein to the Young Gods, i.e. all sampled. A few of the tracks have some promising beginnings to their songs and a some of the tracks are saved a little with some interesting samples thrown in and a few nice keyboard riffs, like the tracks by Noc Barrage and The White Sock Theory, but on the whole there is too much mainstream, repetitive guitar sounds in most of these tracks. The standouts include Pain Station, who unlike many of the other bands gives the electronic element an equal emphasis as the guitar element, instead of using it as background material, 29 Died with their quick-paced techno riffs, minimalistic drum beats and the vocals which sound similar to Nitzer Ebb, and Shiverhead with their demented lyrics and the music which comes across as the sounds of an industrialized carnival. (Kevin Congdon)

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