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Various Arists: The Best of Mind/Body

  1. CD-ROM Cyberden BBS Software
  2. grae*com - New Age Love Song
  3. Trance - Vicious Circle
  4. Soma Holiday - Burning Chrome
  5. Surgery Tomorrow - Shit All Over You
  6. SNOG - Born To Be Mild
  7. Unknown - Liner Note Error
  8. The Evolution Control Committee - The Industrial Polka
  9. Spleenclutch - Sketches of Pain
  10. Noisia - Get The Fork 94'
  11. Scar Tissue - Failure
  12. Ipecac Loop - Clusterfuck
  13. 30 Helens Agree - Industry
  14. Sphere Lazza - LD 50
  15. Cyber-G - Spaceloop
  16. Bureau of Control - C3

This compilation is a conglomeration of bands who originally appeared on the CD's #1 and #2. Fifth Column asked all the artists who wanted to participate in the project to contact them, and the label choose the best representative tracks from those bands who wanted to appear on the compilation. A small typo on the back cover has tracks six and seven being switched on the CD itself. Its a curse every CD that particular Snog track has appeared on has an incorrect track listing. Musically most of the tracks are taken off the Mind portion of the compilation meaning that they tend more towards ambient noise than danceable industrial. A wide variety of experimental music is featured so if you don't already have the RMI Mind/Body compilation CD's you might want to check out some of the unsigned talent featured here.

Fifth Column Records
P.O. Box 787
Washington, DC 20044


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