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Various Artists: Tentacles of Submission

  1. Degression - Chameleon
  2. Digit - Abuse
  3. Freak Seed - Zero Reflection
  4. Mind Eraser - Nerverak
  5. Murder DK - Chemical Inbound
  6. Resist - The Drive Home
  7. Severed Headthump - Malfunction
  8. Slush - Sexthing
  9. Android Lust - No Going Back
  10. Latex Swirl - Origin Unknown

Someone needs to tell Psykoziz Records that putting Metal bands on the same compilation as synthcore acts defeats the purpose of even including acts who use electronics in their music. Even the inclusion of the Necrofix side project, Digit and such rising acts like Android Lust cannot overcome the power chord mentality and Cock Rock mindset of bands like Freak Seed. Remember folks, there is a reason that we have forsaken using the guitar as a lead instrument and instead have relegated it to a rhythm role. Apart from this one rather large mistake, the rest of the compilation does an excellent job of keeping it's head above water with some rather unique crossover methodologies put to good use. Just remember next time folks, that if the band doesn't know what a sampler is, pass on their track selection for the compilation.

Psykoziz Records
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