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Various Artists: Re-Constriction 10 Year Anniversary

  1. 16 Volt - The Dreams That Rot Your Heart
  2. Killing Floor - Tear It All Away
  3. Clay People - Spiders Bride
  4. Christ Analogue - Optima
  5. Collide - Violet's Dance
  6. Diatribe - The Son (rough mix)
  7. Iron Lung Corp. - Murderous
  8. Waiting For God - 1000 Pieces
  9. Society Burning - Awaken (Hate Dept. mix)
  10. Non-Aggression Pact - Blown Livid
  11. Tinfed - Whatever
  12. Apparatus - Womb
  13. SMP - Pure Uncut Anger
  14. Vampire Rodents w/Hate Dept. - Saturation
  15. 16 Volt - Perfectly Fake
  16. Killing Floor - Never Go Right
  17. Society Burning - Dead Man
  18. All Hail The King of Hate

Albeit stickered as an ten year retrospective of Re-Constriction Records, in fact the label has only been for in existence for five years. Once again the perverse humor of the resident label slumlord has made it's way into his product. Approximately half of the material present has been released previously and the remainder will appear on the next calendar year release schedule. There are also two special bonus tracks with close the disc with poke in the face of everyones favorite overweight conservative, Rush Limbaugh. By far the most impressive material comes from the bands who have donated tracks off of forthcoming albums. These include the final manifestation of Diatribe's first album, Christ Analogue's label debut, Iron Lung Corporation's version of a classic Nitzer Ebb track, a mellowed Clay People, and Killing Floor's refinement of their punk roots. If this is any indication of the future of Re-Construction, then perhaps we all ought to bow down and lick the boots of Chase, then again maybe not.

Re-Constriction Records
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