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Szeki Kurva: Music For Joyriders

  1. Running on Empty (WheelsOf TerrorMix)
  2. Chicken Head (DunghillRoosterMix)
  3. Hotel Antoinette (DeanMartinMix)
  4. Sylvanian Families (DoughnutMix)
  5. Last Exit/Incident in the Regents Park Hotel Lobby (SrideviMix)
  6. Buzi Bar Riot (Marci'sCockMix)
  7. City Vampire (LiltManMix)
  8. Booyaka (You CallThatViolenceArtMix)
  9. Happy Shopper (SuperDrugsMusicMix)
  10. Bond Averts World War III (FreeChipsForPeshmergasMix)
  11. Ramraid (BulletTrainToHeckMix)

Imagine the Vampire Rodents with more of a hip-hop flavour and substitute their classical elements with more of a gypsy-esque/traditional Eastern European style, throw in some Pop Will Eat Itself sampling mentality and you would have a slight impression of what this band sounds like. These guys were basically forced to move to London from their home country of Hungary (due to their despicable behaviour and lack of respect - their name means the whores of Szeki, a town in Hungary), which makes their music that much more full of angst and enjoyable. And the combination of lyrics and music leaves you with an image of being fairly pissed off individuals. They still incorporate some of their Hungarian language as well, to make for an interesting and challenging listen. Their chaotic meshing of a variety of musical styles without regard for normal structures may leave you confused at first, but if you're in for something that will challenge you, this will fit the bill. They assimilate a number of samples from all over the place in their music, and thankfully they are not your typical Horror/Industrial samples; you'll hear anything from Frank Sinatra to the Muppet Show to Hungarian television samples. While the lyrics borrow from the rap camp and can be juvenile at times, they add to the playful, almost tongue-in-cheek atmosphere of the album. (Kevin Congdon)

Szeki Kurva /Fekete Galamb Zene

P.O. Box 9806
London SE10 9ZD


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