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  1. Replicant
  2. Covert Circuitry
  3. Anthrax
  4. Running from the Stillborn
  5. Phreakd
  6. Ill Foundation
  7. Shackles of Democracy
  8. One Corrupt Youth
  9. Product of Society
  10. Dissent
  11. The Blame
  12. Censory Overload
  13. Will to Follow
  14. Legacy of Illusion
  15. Decipher
  16. Vexed

Unlike the name, which conjures up images of more of an ambient style or Kraftwerk-influenced, this music falls into a more aggressive industrial vein, but does not limit itself to being trapped into this one label. The piano and horn synths give the track 'Corrupt Youth' some jazzy-sounding elements. The track 'Will to Follow' has some deep-toned, fuzzy notes coming from the guitar which give this track a gothic feel to it, and the bass in a few songs give those songs that hopeless, depressive feeling. This band is a labelmate of Abstinence and uses some of the similar styles found on Abstinence releases, such as the use of news stories/snippets in some songs, such as Anthrax and Legacy of Illusion, and the deep and heavy percussive programming which plays a prominent role in many songs. The vocals sound similar to the ones for Yeht Mae with its somewhat high-pitched, almost whining sound, but there is much less distortion used on the vocals for this band. The lyrics portray basic themes of being anti-political and pro-individuality, but come across with a more personal feel than other bands who have this slant in their music. The last two songs on this release are very emotionally and psychologically moving. 'Decipher' begins with some organic piano and found sounds and in the background is a barely audible, yet disturbing keyboard wash, while the song maintains a simplicity to it, you still get the feeling that you are being overwhelmed by the song and then follows the booming percussion which pounds you into oblivion. The last track 'Vexed' comes across as a rhythmic-oriented journey into the mind of a schizophrenic, which is intensified throughout by deep, droning sounds from the keyboards and the high-pitched whining notes. (Kevin Congdon)

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Baron Samedi

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