Album Cover

Synchro Nine Factor: Demo

  1. Probing The Species
  2. Lurid
  3. The Blue Ones

Synchro Nine Factor seems to have more musical influence than it has of it's own personal talent with borrowed vocal work from Love & Rockets and guitars from Acumen and Piece Machine. The end result is a three song demo that takes some of the better elements from mid-eighties electro goth mixed with mid-nineties guitar crossover to create a sort of patchwork style. Add just the right amount of angst and they might have relatively decent project if they could only rid themselves of the copycat syndrome which they seem to have accidently acquired. The talent is definitely present on these three closely knit tracks but the influences are so strong that one might begin to wonder if it was intentional or simply a case of bad timing on the part of the band. In either case the band, while musically very strong, needs a little more work in the originality department prior to continuing any further with their musical endeavors. Otherwise someone pigeon hole Synchro Nine Factor as yet another clone band standing on the shoulders of giants.

Synchro Nine Factor:
Nelson Hagood - vocals, lyrics
Michael Reece Curry - guitars
Robby Johnson - programming, bass, keyboards

Robby Johnson
P.O. Box 421189
Atlanta, GA 30342
(404) 255-0321


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