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Synapscape: Rage

  1. Intravan
  2. How Do You Feel?
  3. Deliverance
  4. Noped
  5. Nosefist
  6. Fade
  7. Surface
  8. My Last Secret
  9. Lifted Maniac
  10. Rage
  11. Halls of Dust
  12. No Sin

Ranging from the thundering percussion of 'How Do You Feel?', to the slow wafting of 'Intravan', Synapscape provides appropriate imagery for all aspects of "Rage", their second full length album. While likely not a concept album, the tracks on "Rage" seem to mimic the entire range of emotions one experiences when angry. Each track hilights apsects of violence, from the turbulence of "Nosefist", to the focused aggression of "Noped". Musically, Synapscape does an excellent job of composing music that flows together in almost a seemless manner with a wide variety of acidic percussion and sequencing. As usual with those acts on Ant-Zen Records, Synapscape is firmly entrenched in the Power Noise movement, so they sculpture their music from extremely abrasive sample sources, while the music retains a sense of wild, unfocused beauty making it appealing to experimental freaks in the world.

Synapscape is: Tim Kniep & Phillip Münch

Ant-Zen Records
Lessingstr 7A
93049 Regensburg


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