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Various Artists: Sweet Sub/Mission

  1. Swamp Terrorists - Dive-Right-Jab ( til you drop KMFDM remix)
  2. Swamp Terrorists - Rebel Shade (rough edit)
  3. Meathead - Gravida
  4. Meathead - Drone
  5. Templebeat - You Spin Me Round
  6. Templebeat - Fucking Mosquito (demo version)
  7. Cold - Disgregation
  8. Cold - Lull (in-edit)
  9. L.I.N. - 00 Mind
  10. L.I.N. - Jessica's Crime
  11. Circus of Pain - Remove my Skin (Paolo F. remix)

This is a decent compilation from the up and coming label Sub/Mission. While viewing the track listing, it appears each of the acts on this release contributed an older piece along with a fairly recent one. This contrast works nicely with some of the bands, while in some cases it shows the fact that the band(s) hasn't seem to progress much. The second track by the Swamp Terrorists is the first released track that doesn't include the mastermind STR; while it doesn't have the maniac drum programming, it's still filled with plent of grooves and angst and is a worthy song. The second track by Cold and the first track by L.I.N. are more along the lines of straight electronic-industrial stuff, but the tracks by Meathead and the first track by Cold are little too guitar-heavy. There are also two unlisted tracks at the end of the CD; neither is what you could consider "industrial", and instead have a much more organic feel to them. The second unlisted has a very jazzy, funky feel to it, similar to a MC 900 Ft Jesus track; except for the fact that Ane from the Swamp Terrorists provides his recognizable growling vocals. Over half of these tracks are unreleased, so it's definitely a worthwhile compilation to pick up for those into the heavier guitar-incorporated industrial style. (Kevin Congdon)

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