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Swamp Terrorists: Wreck

  1. Wracked (Scarred) 4:12
  2. Dive-Right-Jab (Cranked Up) 3:28
  3. Shape Draw Back 5:46
  4. Wrack (US-Version) 4:58
  5. Doom 4:23
  6. Try My Flesh 4:08
  7. Suck My Brain 4:05
  8. Cancer Killer 2:40
  9. Dive-Right-Jab (Til You Drop) 4:20
  10. Wreck (Scarred Long) 6:23
  11. Shape Of Rage (Repaired Process Dub) 7:02
  12. Doubting Idol (Cobbler!) 6:14
  13. Wreck (Of Suspicion Dance Mix) 5:28
  14. Shape Of Rage (Bonus Beats) 3:18

"Wreck" is a remix album of original material taken from the Swampies "Killer" record. Some of the remixes are nothing more than a change of tempo and the addition of a few well placed samples, while others are a total deconstruction of the original track forcing a change of title. All of the usual remix wizards are present and accounted for like Sascha Konietzko and DJ Killroy as well as STR taking a hand at ritually dismembering his own music. For the most part this album would only appeals to completists and diehard fans since all of the material exists in its original form elsewhere. However this isn't the first time the Swamp Terrorists have released a remix effort and it probably won't be the last, so we might as well get used to it. Now if we could just convince KMFDM to quit adding material they have used on their own albums to the remixes, but retrospect that might be asking a bit much of Sascha.

Swamp Terrorists are:
Ane H. - vocals
STR - theft
Andrej A. - bass
Piet H.- pulse
Spring - guitar

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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