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Swamp Terrorists: Killer

  1. Rock Dead 1:10
  2. Dive-Right-Jab 4:07
  3. Shape of Rage 3:52
  4. Wreck 4:58
  5. Dicksmoker 3:43
  6. Vivid Cell 5:02
  7. Weapon Killer 2:34
  8. Get O 4:00
  9. Try Me 4:28
  10. Doubting Idol 4:28
  11. Blast It 4:24
  12. Full Killer 5:00

The Swamp Terrorists return with their last album before their unfortunate departure of STR from the band. It remains to be seen if they can continue without one of their core members but that is something better discussed elsewhere. Right from the beginning "Killer" displays elements that suggest it might be their most solid work since "Growth-Speed-Infection". Instead of focusing on a handful of filler tracks and remixes as in the past, the majority of the album consists of full length original songs, thereby choosing to relegate the fluff to a more appropriate remix album. The same zany lyrical style and freaked out power guitar chords are still present along with more than their fair share of pulsating dance electronics which seem to keep the Swampies a favorite in clubs. My only complaint is that since the band's inception they haven't really grown musically, instead preferring to release album after album of solid yet similar material. One can't help but wonder if it was for this reason alone that STR left the band to pursue his own solo material, however that is something that only the future will reveal.

Swamp Terrorists are:
Ane H. - vocals
STR - theft
Andrej A. - bass
Piet H.- pulse
Spring - guitar

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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