Suture: Suture

  1. Martyr 6:36
  2. Asofyet 3:40
  3. Taken/Wreck 10:26
  4. Aryan Dung Heap 4:31
  5. Fragile Worth 3:18
  6. Devil Music 3:53
  7. Archaic 3:18
  8. Subserve 5:58
  9. Circumstance 4:44

The long awaited self-release by Suture. What strikes me as odd is that while the previous demo tapes has suggested that the album would be entirely a standard collection of vocally enhanced musical arrangements in fact the majority of the tracks are instead sample collages with grinding electronics in the background. I actually found myself enjoying this particular facet of the album much more than the tracks which they actually use vocal work on. Perhaps it is the programming on the non vocal tracks or that the samples are well chosen excerpts of brilliance or it might the mood evoked within the feedback loop of the sample itself. No matter which of this is indeed the case Suture has panned itself out to be a better band that I had initially perceived it to be which is definitely a positive referral.

Suture is: Sparks, Tyson & Beard

908 East 45th Court #1
Anchorage, Alaska 99503
(907) 561-5124


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