Suture (demo2)

  1. Martyr 6:36
  2. Asofyet 3:04
  3. A.D.H. 4:31
  4. A.D.H (edit) 4:31

The second demo released by Suture features two new tracks and two remixes from the previous demo all of which will be featured on the forthcoming album. Suture continues its political assault on the minds and hearts of it's listeners this time focusing more on sampling and sound orchestration rather than lyrics and militant rhythmic percussion. The new tracks show a great deal of growth from the previous demo with a much cleaner sound and a finite boundary written for the tracks. Expect the debut album to be very tight and concise in it's musical direction.

908 East 45th Court #1
Anchorage, Alaska 99503
(907) 561-5124


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