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Sun God: Sun God

  1. Legba
  2. Oya
  3. Ayizan
  4. Damballaj & Ayida Wedo
  5. Simbi
  6. Guede
  7. Agwe
  8. Gran Ibo
  9. Erzulie
  10. The Ancestors

Sun God features members of Cassandra Complex & Project Pitchfork performing music written around Voudou and Santeria rituals of magick and religion. Contained within the liner notes are vivid descriptions about the use of dream speech via the invocation of Loa to communicate the lyrics and music to the artists while they slept. Unlike most albums this was not written for entertainment but rather via the inspiration of the spirits of the Voudou religion. Even if you think this concept behind the music is a little on the hokey side the musicians go out of their way to be quite sincere in their approach and honestly try to make the listener believe that the music was influenced by dream spirits. The music itself is very tribal oriented with heavy focus on electronic percussion and as well as the live instrumentation of violas, flutes and gnostic chants. The album is a modern day interpretation of what many of the early pagan magick ceremonies might have been in the middle ages. The music inspires meditation, celebration and escape from the constraints of society on its listeners. Perhaps that this is good advice no matter what the source of counsel, mortal or immortal?

Sun God are: Marcus Giltjies, Rodney Orpheus & Patricia Nigiani

Fifth Column Records
P.O. Box 787
Washington, D.C. 2004


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