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Sunday Munich: Pneuma

  1. Prozac 3:20
  2. Smallest Tragedy 5:29
  3. Home 3:48
  4. Refrain 3:47
  5. Pittance 4:05
  6. Tiny 5:26
  7. Womanhood 1:54
  8. In The Same Way 5:17
  9. Elaborate Schemes 4:00
  10. Ugly 4:56
  11. Suppose 2:49
  12. Two Missing 4:02

Sunday Munich combine the best components of Trip-Hop, Classical, Drum'N'Bass, and Noise genres with a reflective female vocalist. Although the Portishead resemblances are obvious, "Pneuma" does its best to move beyond this comparison. Cello and electronic piano serve as excellent instruments to stride into new musical territory. The thick drum programming, with emphasis on dub, and compressed electronic programming work as well. The vocalist Sarah Hubbard has an effective technique that utilizes an odd vocoding scheme, shifting back and forth between muffled and clear voice. At many places in songs like 'Smallest Tragedy', she uses this technological feature to exquisite effectiveness. Even though the album artwork suggests a dark nature to "Pneuma". Sunday Munich is certainly not a Goth band. Instead they are a two piece, vocally strong act, not afraid to use both time tested instrumentation and cutting edge technology in their music.

Sunday Munich is: Sarah Hubbard & Avis

Kyan Records
P.O. Box 6745
Clearwater, FL 33758-6745


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