Album Cover

Substate Reactor: Isolate

  1. Non-Element
  2. Interior
  3. Newstate
  4. Infected
  5. Isolate and Purify

The first thing Substate Reactor needs is a good studio engineer to teach them how to properly equalize volume levels both within the same track and from track to track on this five song EP. The fidelity is all over the place with 'Non-Element' starting the release almost imperceptibly low while slowly increasing in volume until your head starts to ring. While an idea like this is great in concept, practicality dictates that you don't abuse you listener with the entire audible range of the aural spectrum with the first track of a release. The rest of the EP doesn't fair much better with as dizzying array of subdued vocal samples, thundering guitars, off-key electronics and gruff Industrial vocals. Don't get me wrong, Substate Reactor are excellent musicians, but the volume levels on "Isolate" are so disparate that it is almost unlistenable.

Substate Reactor is: K Brow, E.H. Lange & R. Miller

Substate Reactor
P.O. Box 715
101-1001 W. Broadway
Vancouver, BC V6H 4E4


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