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SubArachnoid Space: Endless Renovation

  1. Will You Make My House a Carnival? 11:36
  2. Square Wheels 9:13
  3. Good Grief 8:50
  4. Stereo Saturation 7:01
  5. Safety in Numbers 17:51
  6. Twilight Sleep 13:15

"Endless Renovation" marks the first real studio release by SubArachnoid Space after three consecutive improvisational records. As a result, the six very long tracks on this album sound a bit more refined that previous material. One would expect that when you take the extra time to prepare musically, that you would improve the end results. This is very true with "Endless Renovation". Each composition sounds very different than the next, quite unlike some of the improvisational tracks in the past. SubArachnoid Space even brought in a few guests to help them out in the studio including Andry Stephens who lends some wonderful organ work on 'Will You Make My House a Carnival?', Dave Wright of Not Breathing whose waterphone is obvious on 'Safety in Numbers' and the Cello work of A.L. Dentel on 'Twilight Sleep'. Even the title of the album suggests that the band thoroughly researched it. After all, what is studio music anyway? It is simply the endless renovation and reworking of improvisational music.

SubArachnoid Space is: Mason, Melynda, Jason, Michelle

Relapse Records
P.O. Box 251
Millersville, PA 17551


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