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Subarachnoid Space: Almost Invisible

  1. Shut Inside
  2. Hodden Outside
  3. Floating Above the Skyline
  4. Below Any Border
  5. Outlined in Rust
  6. Calm Fever

SubArachnoid Space return with a little bit of their usual spontaneous improvisation on "Almost Invisible" as well as a wide array of new sound. This time around there seems to be a greater use of both minimal ambience and percussion than on previous releases. While the guitar does remain the instrument of choice, many more effects, delays, and pedals are used to distort the instrument. As on many improvisational pieces, most tracks start very slow as the musicians try to find a certain groove. As the track builds, more and more elements are cycled into the music as a cohesive pattern of percussion and rhythm seem to find a life of their own. The tracks usually end with a little bit more fervor than they begin, as the quartet reaches what they all feel to be an appropriate, if not sudden end to the music. The single downside to this approach to music is that many of the pieces have a tendency to sound very similar when the entire album is played at once. This is usually because music that is written as it is performed usually has more musical influence from unintentional outside sources than most other music. Regardless, SubArachnoid Space are very good at what they do when it comes to live musical composition.

SubArachnoid Space is: Mason, Melynda, Jason, Michelle

Relapse Records
P.O. Box 251
Millersville, PA 17551


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