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Subliminal Kontakt Sampler

  1. We Shall Meet You There
  2. Deviate
  3. S.O.S. (Sacrilege of Sodom)
  4. Large Metal Drum

What we have here is a WIDE variety of EBM music. Vocals and musical styles vary diversely between tracks from melodic female to dance floor hardcore. Many samples both spoken word and musical are borrowed from other bands are incorporated into most of the tracks. Not a great deal of depth or ground breaking concepts just good old fashioned Wax Trax mentality style music that you can dance too. The closest possible comparison might be Nitzer Ebb, but that might not be fair to either band. The same basslines and drum rhythms exist but beyond face value the music is drastically different. This bands doesn't seem to have a lot going for it in the uniqueness department. Maybe if they tried to stand out more the music might speak for itself instead of the multiple sources the samples have been taken from.

Sub Kon are:
Mark - sequencing & programming
Octavio - vocals
Therese Cruse - vocals

c/o Disco
931 St. Bernard St.
Philadelphia, PA 19143
(215) 726-0388


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