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Stromkern: Flicker Like a Candle

  1. The Mercy Seat
  2. Heretic II (Visionary)
  3. Metatron
  4. The Mercy Seat (Agendacide Mix by Attrition)
  5. Heretic I (Inquisition)
  6. The Surgeon
  7. Hardware (A New Form of Beauty)

"Flicker Like a Candle" is the long awaited debut from the Wisconsin solo act of Stromkern, brought to us via the long route through the German label Kodex Records. Ned Kirby has worked long on this EP and it shows by the wide range of styles, genres, and concepts utilized on this all to short release. The CD starts out with a minimalistic cover of Nick Cave's 'The Mercy Seat' complete with piano and classical accompaniment, created of course via a keyboard. Next up is a version of 'Heretic' that is heavy on the abrasive percussion and dance floor rhythm. This track also has some of the better rap style vocals I've heard from an Electro artists since SMP. 'Metatron' comes third, and is probably my least favorite tracks due to the dissonant quality of the drum and keyboard filters that seem to not mix well. A remixed version of 'The Mercy Seat' by Attrition is next followed by a second remix of 'Heretic'. Neither track differs much from the original, but are adequate rearrangements nonetheless. 'The Surgeon' and 'Hardware' round out a very strong EP that proves that American Electro isn't dead, it just lives on European labels who appreciate the music like a connoisseur.

Stromkern is: Ned Kirby

Kodex Records
Barfusser Str.27
35037 Marburg


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