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Strike 3 (The remix wars) 16 Volt vs Hate Dept.

16 Volt

  1. Stitched (Face-Rip)
  2. Dreams of Light (Nightmare)
  3. Motorskill (Quad)

Hate Dept.

  1. Defensive (loose and trash mix)
  2. Start Digging (the giver/the taker)
  3. Drive:a(netmix)

From the very entrance of this EP, you can sense the playful competitiveness between these two artists as Siebold samples himself saying, "Can you hear me Eric? Come here you little fucker!" All of the remixes, with the exception of 'Stitched', come from each artist's respective debut albums however, this is where the similarities stop. Siebold begins by removing the majority of 16 Volt's guitar and replacing them with electronics much in the same style as his own "Omnipresent" album. I suppose this is what Siebold meant when he told Eric that, "You owe your entire career to me!", at a recent Hate Dept. show when Eric did guest vocals. Eric properly retorts by stripping down each Hate Dept. track to the bare minimum requirements and building it back up to listenable level, thereby proving that he is quite capable in his own right. In reality, Eric and Siebold are really close friends, but they really enjoy tormenting each other in public forums such as this to the delight of their fans, especially when it gives them a chance to restructure each others music like on this EP. So don't read to far into their good natured rivalry otherwise you might get the wrong idea.

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