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Strike 2 (The remix wars) Die Krupps vs Front Line Assembly

Die Krupps

  1. Metalmorphosis (Shifting Mutation Mix)
  2. The Last Flood (Blood Stream Mix)
  3. Scent (Pheromone Mix)

Front Line Assembly

  1. Neologic Spasm (Dislocated Mix)
  2. Barcode (Re-Assembled Mix)
  3. Transparent Species (Clustered Mix)

Strike 2 brings out the big guns of Die Krupps and Front Line Assembly to wage war with each other. The net result is that each band has drastically reworked each others tracks so much that they barely sound like the originals. The Die Krupps tracks have had large portions of their guitars stripped out and replaced with electronic percussion. The Front Line Assembly tracks have had most of their complex electronics reduced and replaced with increased guitar or simplistic drum patterns. It is rather difficult to determine just exactly how much of each track has been totally dismantled and rebuilt from the ground up which makes for a very intriguing listening experience. One kind of gets slapped in the face when a guitar riff has been replaced with a kick drum or a bridge has been accentuated with a chord progression, if you happen to be intimately familiar with any of the original version of the tracks. In retrospect, perhaps this is the best way to remix a track, by ritually deconstructing it and rebuilding from scratch. It allows each artist to compose the track in their own unique manner as if the track was their own and allows us as the audience to gain a little insight into what they consider most important in writing a song. Either way, this EP is well worth the investment regardless of it lacking any new material.

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