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Stratvm Terror: Pain Implantations

  1. Nerve Short Circuit 10:15
  2. Collapse 3:37
  3. Scrambled Eggs in the Fallopian Tube 7:03
  4. Anal Inhalation 5:08
  5. Intervenous Pain Injection 8:50
  6. Aiwating the Slime 6:25
  7. When a Spermatozoon is Getting Jammed to Death Against the Intrauterine Device 11:15
  8. Plasma Erection 3:20
  9. Auto-Terror 6:35
  10. Anti-Static Systematic Cloning 6:52

Stratvm Terror is the newest side project of Peter Andersson best known for his work with the Cold Meat Industry band Raison D'Etre. As with that project, Stratvm Terror is based on dark ambient drones, but comparison ends there. On "Pain Implantations", Peter works with thicker, more caustic elements that overlay the brooding drones, often shattering their melancholy nature with unexpected bursts and crashes. He also utilizes rhythm, although sparingly, on tracks like 'Anal Inhalation' which sounds like Ant-Zen style Power Noise, but with a much slower tempo and thicker programming. Stratvm Terror is certainly one of the noiser Peter Andersson projects, but not to the point of annoyance or pain. Peter delicately handles the abrasive sounds with surgical precision making "Pain Implantations" a misleading title for this stunning album.

Stratvm Terror is: Peter Andersson & Tobias Larsson

Malignant Records
P.O. Box 5666
Baltimore, MD 21210


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